Cat Miracles

Picture of My Cat, Snickers-Hotep
A Picture of My Cat, Snickers-Hotep

One day when I was feeling down and wanted to cheer myself up, I read the book Cat Miracles by Steiger. It contains a large number of true short stories about cats, which come from a variety of sources, many of which have doctoral degrees.

Tom, the Cat GPS

Of note were stories such as the cat named Tom from pages 118-133 of my 2008 copy (There’s a 2003 edition.) Tom is a cat that was left behind by his owner after they moved. He was so attached to his family that he managed to travel over 2,500 miles of terrain previously unknown to him to reunite with his family. This is not a unique story either. There are numerous cats which have been somehow able to perform similar feats without internet or a GPS. The question is how is this possible? Do cats possess psychic abilities?

My Own Cat Miracle

Unlike NDEs, I can actually relate to the Cat Miracles book. I had a cat as a child. I named her Lumina. She lived to be about twenty years old and then died of old age. About ten years after her death while visiting my parent’s house where she died, I felt her spirit brush up against my leg. I looked down and saw Lumina there purring, and then when I realized this shouldn’t be happening, she disappeared. For whatever reason, though my parents had numerous dogs, I’ve never observed a dog’s spirit myself. However, it should be noted that there is a similar book called Dog Miracles, which I haven’t personally read.

Picture of Bastet Statuette

In any case, I looked into cat mythology and found out about Bastet and ordered myself a small statuette of her. After ordering it, several strange things happened. Numerous feral cats began appearing in my yard and on Valentine’s day one of the black cats sacrificed four virgin bunnies to me, decapitating each of them. I did take a photo of this, but it was quite gruesome and unappreciated by me. Note: the photo proves nothing by itself, anyway. It’s well known that cats do this. Also, it was not uncommon for my former pet, Lumina, to decapitate mice in a similar manner and place their heads in my shoes.

I myself didn’t yet own a cat. After this, I thought, I shall adopt a cat and save it from a shelter, since clearly there’s something weird going on here. I adopted a cat named Snickers (pictured above.) After having him for a few months, I added Hotep (Egyptian for peaceful) to his name, because he behaves more like a very talkative and docile person than a typical cat. However, he’s not yet done anything apparently paranormal.


Cat Miracles also contains a ritual, which I have yet to perform, on page 70.

  1. Find a quiet place.
  2. Have a pen or pencil and paper with you.
  3. Pray and ask for assistance from a deity.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Talk to your animal companion.
  6. Pick up your pen and write.
  7. Do not doubt.
  8. Say “Thank you.” (Thank the deity for their help and presence.)

Parting Words

As a scientist, I had never even considered the paranormal until very recently after having some bizarre experiences like the ones mentioned in this article. It came as a surprise to me that things like this are quite common. Do you think I should try this ritual? Have you experienced any cat or animal miracles yourself? Please let me know in the comments below.

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    1. Considering the magnetic fields, this might also aid dogs in pathfinding, but I wouldn’t say it was paranormal by itself. Dogs definitely have a much greater sense of smell, for example. What I was referring to above was something that must be ESP, because the distance is so long and it’s also untrackable, since it involved air travel of over 2,500 miles. Knowing when the owner comes home, again, could be just a learned thing, but it might also be paranormal and involve the telepathic phenomena as mentioned above. I don’t personally have an inclination towards reading the Dog Miracles book myself, but maybe that could be something you’d like to read. I wouldn’t be surprised if dogs were capable of ESP, as well.

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