About Me

A photo of Jason on the Colorado River.

Hello, everyone. I’m Jason Mazzaroth and this is my site. My goals with this blog are to share knowledge, logic and poetry with anyone who is willing to listen.

My Background

In terms of my scientific background, I am a computational biophysicist and the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of a pharmaceutical company, Bound Therapeutics. My undergraduate degree is in physics and I have a masters degree in software engineering. I am currently a material science PhD candidate at Rowan University, specializing in sustainable materials. I have published scientific journal papers and inventions with the US Patent Office. You can read more about my career on my Linkedin page.

The Truth

Despite being based in logic and physicality, the material on my site is inherently subjective. So, let me tell you that being truthful is one of the most important things to me. Thus, I shall provide you with an anecdote between Bertrand Russell and the philosopher G. E. Moore. Russell described Moore as one of the most truthful people he had ever met. He once asked Moore, “Have you ever lied?” Moore replied, “Yes.” In describing the incident, Russell wrote: “I think this is the only lie Moore ever told!” To understand the beauty of this anecdote, I highly recommend “What is the Name of this Book? by Raymond M. Smullyan,” which is a wonderful book on riddles and logic puzzles. In any case, my point is both that nobody is perfect and I’ll try my best to present information that is based in logic and/or empiricism.

Other Interests and Legal Info

Besides science and poetry, I also have an interest in environmentalism. If you’re enjoying my site, perhaps you’d also like to follow me on facebook or Twitter; and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment on one of my posts or contact me. Lastly, do not forget to read the disclaimer and privacy policy for my site.