The Metamorphosis on Blackcurrant

Poetry and Art by J. Mazzaroth

A drawing of a caterpillar creeping upon a blackcurrant leaf.
A shrub to call my home
With scintillating hairy sepal.
I wander upon your green leaves,
Your flowers, the insects wheedle.
I tickle you with my caterpillar nubs,
Pawing for a place to sleep.
I find a comfy spot to hang,
And into bed I creep.
My sense of self dissolving,
This cocoon will be my skin’s diagram.
I am caressed by a warm nothingness,
Waiting to find out who I am.

I will be reading this poem live at Inkwood Books on April 14th between 7PM and 8:30PM during an open mic. Feel free to join me there.

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By Jason

Hi. I'm Jason. I like to start too many projects. I embrace the concept of failing fast and often, perhaps a little too naturally. With the help of my friends and family, I was able to become a leader in computational quantum physics AI and now I'm the Chief Technology Officer of a pharmaceutical company, Bound Therapeutics. Everyday I try to make the world a better place. In my blog, Simply Jason, my primary focus is on poetry, but I'll share with you my other musings, too. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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