Sakura Cycle

Poetry and Art by J. Mazzaroth

Jason's Drawing of Sakura Cycle
My roots are deep, long as two-thousand years.
My branches listen, though I have no ears.
O Cerridwen protect this ancient grove,
Beloved life in my sacred alcove.
In spring, dress me in lovely pink flowers.
Push hard to Heaven in gentle showers.
Rabbit warren beneath my canopy,
In joints, wee disciples of Arachne.
In summer, my flowers blow in the breeze,
Against the Sun, I shade orange lilies.
Cut Aphrodite’s heart within my bark,
Cardinals and blue jays the lovers spark.
At summer’s end, so comes the lanternfly,
And praying mantis, my dearest ally.
My leaves, they fall early and I’m left bare,
Skyclad, in nothing but rainbows and air.
In autumn, when clouds and darkness creep in,
Hecate, sanguivore, flogs away sin.
Squirrels hide away nuts beneath my roots,
Into the Underworld go seeds and fruits.
By winter, where has Persephone gone?
For nothing but snow lies upon my lawn.
Hecate, guide her back to Cerridwen,
So once again, we may all dwell in Sun.
Pan and Chronos, lords of chaos and change,
Turn the wheel, again our souls rearrange.
I have seen it all without eyes nor ears,
Time after time, long as two-thousand years.

I will be reading this poem live at Inkwood Books on April 14th between 7PM and 8:30PM during an open mic. Feel free to join me there.

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By Jason

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